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A global online survey is conducted within the Russian-Finnish tourism cooperation project. The aim of the study is to determine the popularity of the Saint Petersburg - Saimaa region (includes Lappeenranta, Imatra, Mikkeli, Savonlinna) among the world tourists.Your answers to questions below will help us to better understand the needs of our future guests.
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Russia has boomed in recent years in almost every field – from arts to sports and films to politics, owing to its famous places, glorious heritage and rich culture. Russia is surely being looked at as a preferred destination for the investors.

Salvia Promoters proficiently organize exhibitions for Indian exporters in different cities of Russia and can assist to find right partners for trading and investment.

Salvia is bearing the torch in making Russia a preferred destination for business and investment.


Salvia Promoters is the official partner of following destinations for India.  We are promoting these places not only as a destination, but also as places for business investment where entrepreneurs can explore limitless opportunities in these wonderful places. 

'Visit-Saint Petersburg'

In 2017 we signed an agreement to become the official partner of “Visit Saint Petersberg” in India.


In 2017 we signed an agreement to become the official partner of “Visit Sochi/Krasnodar Krai” in India.



On Sep 11, 2017 Salvia signed an agreement to become the official partner for “Visit Belarus” in India.


Salvia Promoters regularly organizes events, exhibitions, expo, excursions etc. to promote Russia as a preferred destination.  Some of the recently concluded events received an overwhelming response from the Indian and Russian populace.  Have a look at these events through the following pictorial.

Exhibition held in New Delhi, India on 'Visit-Saint Petersburg'

Opening of a new office in Mumbai, India


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