It does not matter whether you are a big successful brand that keeps busy throughout a year, or whether you are a small independent studio putting on a good face, and at the same time merely struggling to survive, one day your business development may witness a dead end suddenly.

Hence, it has been estimated that for any B2B service providers out there the goal of international expansion may become a tough call owing to some poor economic environment and uncertainty. Hence, you need to have a good market and authentic market strategy to involve everything.

If you are in a condition to get mesmerized with brilliant opportunities, then Russia’s big consumer market may offer, it would be invaluable for you to know some of the facts and the observations that may save your time, money and mental sanity. Salvia has indeed made those aspects clear while doing business with Russia.

First and the foremost is the oily economy of Russia. Even though Russian economy develops no signs of stagnation over the last 4 years, it is a giant in the market of investment. Being the world’s prime exporter of oil, Russia is indeed the best origin to invest with a foreseeable future.

The uncorrupt schemes, out in the country can also help you achieve the best out of every business needs.

Though there is one single barrier which you may find out, is the language barrier and the geographical distance. Yes, it is true that this is a place where marketing with a different language can become a barrier for you. Though the country is trying its best to beat the track to the market again.

However, despite all odds, the specific mindset and the business ethos of the mob, Russians are serious and strict enough to maintain their proceedings. So, hierarchy and the language in the company is highly important.


Russian culture surely has a long and rich cultural history, with being completely steeped in literature, ballet, the aspect of art and classical music, the country can be taken to be an emblem of culture and heritage.

Outsiders, or to be more precise visitors mostly acknowledge the country as a visual cultural emblem, with the most aesthetical colorful folk costumes and with all its ornate religious symbols. Salvia is always present to take you on ride over this rich culture and heritage of the country.


Russian culture has always taken the highest place, with values on the homeland and also on family.  The culture here is nothing but a symbol of purity, along with some fundamental values associated with it.  


Russia is definitely the largest country in the world in terms of territory, the total area of 6,601,668 square miles the country comprises for its hugeness as well. According to 2014 data by the famous World Bank, the population of Russia accounts for 141,049,000.

Hence, with this figure, it can be considered that, Russia is home to at least 190 ethnic groups, therefore the most heterogenous place.   


While Russian is the official language, there are many Russians also speak English as their second language. More than 100 minority languages are in total spoken in Russia today. The most popular is the Dolgang, spoken by almost 5.3 percent of the country’s population. There are in fact various other minority languages include Tartar, Ukrainian, Chuvash, Bashir, and Chechen, but most of them are popular in the regional areas.


Religion with or without controversy has always been a primary component of the Russian life. There are in fact, nearly 5,000 registered religious associations in the country. More than half of the population follow the Russian Orthodox Church. Islam is designated as the second largest religion; where about 10 percent to 15 percent of Russians practice Islam.

Next to it, that is, third most popular religion in Russia after Christianity and Islam is Tengrism, the form of pagan, animistic and also shamanic religion. Taking its origin from the Turk and Mongol populations of Central Asia and this religion has enjoyed a revival in parts of Russia. 


Ballet the popular and also notable art form comes out of Russia. Founded in the year 1776, the Bolshoi Ballet based at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow was known throughout the world. The Mariinsky Ballet in Saint Petersburg coupled with the previous one is another famous ballet company in Russia.

In comparison to this, even Russian literature has a worldwide impact, with many known writers such as Leon Tolstoy (War and Peace) and Fyodor Dostoevsky (Crime and Punishment) are still read around the world.              


Some people always tend to remember the history of wars or even at times the history of political development. However, Russia is not only famous for these, but have a more deeper history of scientific and technological progress. Certainly, there have been various inventions in the history of this country.

It is said that for many years Russian scientists have not at all been restricted by any geographical or political borders. They can indeed study in Russia, then apply for the process of internship programs in other countries like; Germany or even in the United States, and finally obtain certain reputation and later become a head of a Russian research facility. 

A pilot is always meant more than to sit in a comfortable chair and surrounded by a professional team. It is always connected with certain risks. In this context, Russian pilots became real pioneers with all the major war being fought here. Perhaps, this fact can itself explain why there are monuments commemorating their deeds, beyond the Russian territory.


It is true that humankind cannot be imagines without scientific and technological progress. Surely, there are also people who mainly utilize progress to the progress determines and will determine living standards as well as the well-being of human race. 


The Pavilion Space – Exhibition of the Soviet Achievements

Currently this place is most popularly known as the All-Russian Exhibition Centre. This is an exhibition complex located in the northeast region of Moscow, and is also the second largest exhibition center in Moscow. In Soviet times, this complex was known as the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR.

During the year 1967, the latest models of Soviet space technology were indeed exhibited in a special pavilion “Space”. The pride of Soviet science and technology lays here.

The beauty of Russia within the paintings of Konstantin Makovsky

Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839-1915) is a Russian artist, has many of his historical paintings perceived with an idealized view about the life in Russia in the past centuries.

The portrait of the genre took special place in the artist’s works. In fact, largely thanks to it he achieved success by becoming a so called fashionable artist of his time. His paintings are also known for beautifully painted furnishings, the stylish clothes, all the expensive fabrics as well as thes furs. The artist also tried to show portrayed in the most favorable light, while at the same time adhering to the exact similarity.

The Soviet movies in 1920

Soviet moviegoer during the 1920, was indeed able to watch a lot of Soviet, as well as foreign films. As a rule, it was also purely entertaining films, fulfilled with ideologies. This later became the biggest part of all the films.

In fact, the movie posters of these years were of great interest. It was a continuous celebration of the avant-gardism, along with an endless experiment of colors, shapes, images. The flashy language of bright colors was coming into a collision with the black-and-white world of the silver screen.

Moscow devastated by the Bolsheviks in 1917

Armed coup, organized by the Bolsheviks in the autumn 1917, that is said to mark the beginning of Soviet power is also most commonly associated with St. Petersburg.

However, not everyone is not aware of the fact that Moscow was the place of long and heavy fighting during those days. The Bolsheviks fired at the Kremlin and many of central buildings, real battles were fought in the streets, with hundreds of people being killed.

The new trend of Women’s fashion in the USSR in 1957

Right after the October Revolution, the Soviet government completely had a control of the fashion. In general, the changes that occurred mostly was in women’s fashion. Clothing became unpretentious, simpler than during the days of the Russian Empire. The woman was to simply look like as a citizen (“tovarisch”), who can build socialism.


However, during the Khrushchev thaw, in the late 1950s to 1960s, due to some more openness in Soviet society, the western style in fashion had begun to spread.

The camps of the USSR of the late 60’s – early 70’s

The camps in the USSR were completely educational and health institutions for pioneers of the Soviet Union Pioneer Organization that were named after Lenin and schoolchildren (7 to 15 years) organized usually during the period of school holidays by trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the economic organizations, the collective farms, and so on.

About more than 40,000 suburban pioneer camps for 10 million children were open in the USSR.

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