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Europe’s greatest cultural destinations, as well as one of the world’s most populous cities, there are number of reasons to visit Moscow’s attractions. Home to almost 11.5 million souls, this is a paradise in its own reasons to visit and also keep coming back.

The walk at The Red Square

moscow-redsquareThe most breathtaking man-made wonders of the world is located at Moscow. The major attraction here is the magnificent Red Square, stays on every serious traveler’s bucket list. Considered as the epicentre of Russia, it is also the heart of Russia’s great historical events.

Take a walk at the uneven cobblestones alongside the throngs of the bustling citizens and you will see the centuries of Russian history reflected in the architecture.

famous art galleries and museums

moscow-art-galleryMoscow has always been a must visit for all art lovers, but if you are just wanting to dip your toes into the art world, the art galleries are an incredible place to start. Among the range and plethora of galleries and museums is present the Tretyakov Gallery, world’s foremost collection of Russian fine art.

Ride on the Moscow Metro

moscow-metroOpened in the year 1935, Moscow’s metro system is the striking feat of engineering is one of the largest as well as the oldest underground railway systems in the world. The grand stations are remarkably beautiful, with all the grandiose architecture, the intricate mosaics as well as the dramatic sculptures.

The stylish Moscow boutiques

moscow-boutiqueMuscovites has always been shopping mad, and the visitors to the city will always and quickly discover why. The most glamorous high-end fashion brands to most of the art and design pieces, antiques along with the traditional handicrafts, are endless. The two most famous shopping centers, GUM and TSUM, are considered the must-visits if only to admire the stupendous swankiness.

ballet at Bolshoi


The Bolshoi Ballet Company is the most enduring symbol of Russia’s esteemed cultural traditions, and this Bolshoi Theatre is the troupe’s fittingly elegant headquarters. The Moscow’s oldest theatre has always been painstakingly restored and renovated in recent years and is a watch during both day and night. Taking over the evening performance of a classic Russian ballet is one of most captivating cultural experiences.

Get your taste buds satisfied

spb-cuisineMoscow will always surprise even the most demanding gourmands with all the variety of foods, flavors as well as the dining scenes on offer. Great food is available everywhere. Russian cuisine has been famous for its exotic soups and the rustic dishes like pelmeni (meat dumplings), the deserts like pancakes with different fillings, and of course, not to miss out on the caviar.

However, there is much to add to Moscow’s modern gastronomic landscape, beginning from the sophisticated new takes on old-school cooking to even the cosmopolitan eateries offering refined cuisine from all the around the globe.

tank marshrut- a lifetime experience

Belarus-Stalin-LineAn amazing museum just on the outskirts of Moscow features one of the greatest private collections of about 70 restored cars, 80 planes, over 100 motorbikes and cycles and military equipment you’d ever see. All in one place. The details of the restorations is truly spellbinding.  A worthy drive from city center to a wonderful wooded setting. Not to be missed if you’re in Moscow.

Kalashnikov Shooting Range

Did you know that every 5th small arms in the world is Kalashnikov?  It appears on the flags of 5 states and is recognized as one of the Top-3 weapons that changed the face of the world. 

Experience to shoot with Kalashnikov in the most proper place – Central Shooting Club of the Russian Army Training Society!  You will get training to shoot 20 bullets. You will be allowed to bring back your ‘Target’ home.


moscow old circus

The title Moscow State Circus refers to one of the two circus buildings in Moscow, the “Circus Nikulin” (the old circus, featuring animal acts) and the “Bolshoi Circus” (the new circus, featuring trapeze and acrobatics).

The Moscow Circus rose to world fame during the Soviet period, when acts from many Russian circuses together used to tour the United States under the title, “The Moscow Circus.” During this time, the circus became an even more prominent piece and pride of culture. The amazing acts in this Circus include clowning, juggling, acrobatics, contortion, and animal acts (especially bear acts, such as bears who juggle with their feet).

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