About Salvia Promoters

We are the pioneer to promote Russia and other CIS Countries as a destination and we can assist in handling all kind of travel movement from India in the form of Leisure Tours, Business Tourism and Exhibitions and Trade Shows (MICE) etc.

Destination Services

Salvia Group is closely associated with Russian and other CIS countries’ Tourism Board and Tour Operators. We are also associated with Embassy of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, in India, having excellent arrangements to work in the Russian market and other CIS countries and assist in all kind of destination services.


We are a team of professionals of collective ‘destination management’ experience. Our well-knit motivated team of committed people who have in-depth knowledge of the business and unspoken passion to promote Russia and other CIS countries as a preferred destination. The philosophy is simple and aims to apply strong management practice in an atmosphere of collaboration and intellectual honesty.

Journey So Far


16 years ago, out of 195 countries in the world, Salvia chose Russia and other CIS countries as a ‘concept’ for its business endeavour, reasons were aplenty. Russia is the biggest country in the world, the richest natural resources, enormous diversity, breath-taking landscapes, vibrant culture, glorious history and heritage, and friendly people, just to name a few.

Over these years Salvia has thoroughly enjoyed prospering under the aegis of the Russian Tourism Board, and is continuing its endeavour to prosper even further.

We Understand Russia Like none OTHER

About one-and-a-half decade of its operations in India and Russia and other CIS countries, Salvia boasts of the fact that no other organisation understands Russia and CIS countries the way Salvia does. And, it is for this reason, we are seamlessly facilitating Indian Travellers bound for Russia and other CIS Countries in a most friendly yet professional manner. Numerous happy stories of Indian travellers who visited Russia and other CIS countries with Salvia are testimonies of our success.

We have served half a million Indians, directly or indirectly, who travelled to Russia and other CIS Countries in last 16 years. SALVIA VISA FACILITATION SERVICES was an outsourcing company for Embassy of Russian Federation in India for obtaining Russian Visa for Indian travelling to Russia from last 10 years.

Salvia is now all set to take a step further in promoting Russia and other CIS countries as more than just a holiday destination for Indians. Our aim is to make Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS Countries as a popular tourist destination in Indian market.



We have assisted biggest ever group series in the history of Russian Inbound Tourism from India of around 3,200 pax in 2019.  We have assisted and recommended:

  • Group of 1200 guest series of a popular Paint Company “Asian Paints” in five back to back groups in May-June 2012.
  • Group series of about 750 Guest of a Pharmacy Company (six back to back group) in July-August 2012.
  • Group of 285 Guest – Indian office of Dutch Chemical Company “Akzo Nobel” (Dulux Paints).
  • Group of 225 Guest – “Hero Motor Corporations”, jointly promoted with G2RAM (Indian Event Company).
  • Group of 205 Guest – “Axis Bank”.
  • Group of 325 Guest – “Hyundai Motors India Ltd”
  • Group of 550 Guest – The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’
    associations of India (CREDAI)
  • Group of 130 Guest – “Max New York Life Insurance Company”.
  • Group of 120 Guest – “Max Life Insurance”.
  • Group of 120 Guest – “Religare Health Insurance”.
  • Group of 320 Guest – “Hitachi Home & Life Solution (India) Ltd”.
  • Group of 120 Guest – “Reliance Insurance”.
  • Group of 210 Guest – “N.K. Minda Group”.
  • Group of 280 Guest – “Everest Industries” in 2019.
  • Group of 900 Guest – “Yes Bank Limited” in 2019.
  • Salvia has organized Indian Film Festivals in different cities of Russia &
    invited family of famous actor Raj Kapoor, Young Producer Madhur Bhandarkar & others and Russian Film Festivals in India & invited famous producers Mr Karan Shakrazarov, Actor Mr Sukhorukov, Mr
    Oleg Fomin, Ms Olga Kabo & others which helps us for the promotion of tourism & culture between India and Russia.
  • Assisted VIP groups and number of trade delegations from Russia in India.
  • Generated new investment opportunities in F & B sector in cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. There were only 2-3 Indian Restaurants each in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and now we have 8-9 Indian Restaurants in each city. New Indian restaurants are coming up in other cities of Russia. Recently new Indian Restaurant is opened in Sochi after we have signed agreement with Tourism Committee of Krasnodar Krai and Indians started coming to Sochi.
  • Exquisite experience to work with following Councils of Ministry of Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. Other Associations/Organizations Autonomous Bodies and Public sector undertakings:
    1. Federation of Export Promotion Council (FIEO)
    2. Export Promotion Council of Handicraft (EPCH)
    3. Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council (CHEMEXCI)
    4. Pesticides Manufactures & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI)
    5. Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)
    6. Carpet Export Promotion Council (CPC)
    7. Wool & Woollens Export Promotion Council (WWEPC)
    8. India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)
    9. Agricultural & Processed Food Products Development Authority (APEDA)
    10. Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
  • India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO): 28th September- 05th Oc. 2009 under banner INDIA SHOW at LAN EXPO, St. Petersburg Russia.
  • Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India(PMFAI) : International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition, Moscow Russia – July 4-5, 2011
  • Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion Council (CHEMEXCIL): B to B meet: 04th – 05th July 2011, at World Trade Centre, Moscow, Russia.
  • World Food Exhibition, Expo Centre, Moscow: 13th to 16th Sept. 2011 at Expo Centre, Moscow, Russia.
  • Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC): FASHION INDUSTRY – International Exhibition of Textile and Clothing Industry (11th – 14th Oct. 2012 at Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, St. Petersburg Russia.)
  • We were the official travel partner of the federation of Indian Export Organization’s (FIEO’s) “INDIA SHOW” 2014 from 24th – 26th Sep. 2014 in Moscow CROCUS EXPO CENTRE. Over 100 Indian Companies participated in this show.
  • CHEMEXCIL: Indian Chemical & Cosmetics Exhibition: 04th – 05th Nov. 2014, at Sokolniki Expo Centre, Moscow, Russia.
    And Many More …



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